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My neighbor’s dog has come over my chain link fence and into my yard 4x, the last 2x attacked my dog causing major injuries.

Buffalo, NY |

The last attack resulted in minor injuries to me as well. Animal control has been involved, explained her responsibility for her dogs (and vet bills which she has paid), fence maintenance (she has a 6 foot wooden fence) and yet she continues to be neglectful with and is now her fence is broken again. Animal control stated there is little they can do. I am concerned for everyone's safety but mostly for my 90 year grandparents that also reside in the home.

Is there anything I can do?

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Your neighbor is very likely violating city/county ordinances relating to keeping control of their animal. Report it to the police and animal control if you see the animal loose. Consult with an attorney for any injuries caused by the animal.

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In addition to what my colleague stated above, also look into getting some kind of deterrent to protect your yard (odor, electric fence, etc) to help keep the dog out.

Carol Eileen Ryder

Carol Eileen Ryder


There is a motion-detected sprinkler deterrent that starts at about $35 at Amz you can try besides what my colleagues have stated.


Keep documenting and immediately reporting each violation; both to the PD and Animal Control.

Also, get a can of STREAM, not mist, pepper spray (oleoresin capsicum; NOT mace). It is effective against dogs; mere mace is not.

The foregoing is for general information purposes and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

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