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My neighbor has harassed me for a few years cops wont do anything he is now videoing my house because he said i dealt drugs

Sullivan, IL |

This man has verbally and emotionally harassed my family for almost three years ive told the police they say ignore him he has hatassed my company and he has called my kids bad names and told the police i am dealing drugs i am not he has defimated my character and now a video camera taping my house told the cops who is here and plate numbers im about to have a breakdown because noone will help me stop him he has even told my landlord awful things to get me kicked out i cant take it anymore is what he is doing illegal. I have childern im affraid for us and the kids too they cant even play in the front yard because of this they sit at the edge of the yard staring at our every move what can i do and are they doing anything illegal

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Try to get a restraining order against him, and find a local lawyer to try to sue him for harassment.

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As an attorney who counsels restraining orders and lawsuits against neighbors only as a last resort, I nevertheless endorse that course on these facts. Enough is enough -- you are on solid ground to force the system to take note of your problem and provide some relief. Move promptly for a restraining order and then get good legal counsel for a lawsuit.

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