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My neighbor cut down my trees!

Winder, GA |

About a month ago my neighbor cut down 7 very large trees 3 to 10ft on my property (not boundery trees). I went and tlked with him and he has been less than appoligetic. He offered 100 bucks (which his buddy the arborist said they were worth) for them all and I just laughed. These were the biggest and best hard woods on my property. So I hired a certified tree appraisal arborist to give me a report on my loss. He gave us a 10 page report with a $8500 loss (replacement value and clean up of debres). He did file a insurance claim and we are waiting for there figure. My question. If there number is laughable should I proceed with small claims (15k in georgia). Can I ask for double damages? I made police report but have not charge him yet. Do I need to do that.
Any other advice?

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You can sue for the value of the trees, the decrease in the value of your property (if any), any repairs you have to do to your land as a result of your neighbor's actions, and other damages, depending on why he decided to cut down trees that were on your property (mistake or intentional/criminal).