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My neighbor built his fence on his property can i build a fence on my property?

Wailuku, HI |

meaning am i allowed to have my own fence put up next to his of course without touching his fence but built on my own property?

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Yes, you can build your own fence just make sure it complies with zoning laws and any neighborhood covenants, conditions and restrictions.

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thank you so much for your help Mr.Summit we are heading to HOA and getting everything put in order and making sure it's all in compliance then that fence will go up :) have a good day ~Sky~


You may build on your own land, yes.


You may build on your own property, but first check local zoning and building ordinances and codes to see whether there is a set-off requirement between the fences. You may be required to obtain a permit and there may be height restrictions and restrictions about the materials used, etc. Also, neighborhood associations sometimes have rules about fences, so if you belong to an association you will want to check that also. Also - be sure to call call to confirm the location of local utilities before you dig as you could be injured or liable for injuries caused from severing a power line, propane line, water line, etc.

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