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My neighbor and friend for seven years owns own home, car, has own money has been taken out of home by adult protective services

Fort Worth, TX |

Family is trying to commit her, says she is schizophrenic, she is not, she keeps her house, washes her cloths, baths alone, dresses, even rolls her own hair, I have seen her everyday for six years, she takes nitro for her heart, and blood thinner, she has never harmed herself or anyone, her family is trying to commit her, and take her money and home, they have an attorney for next Friday, to sign away her rights and possessions, urgent, she needs a lawyer to stop this, she wants to go home, what can we do, Contact me for her, Samantha Rivera 919-288-6580 nurse at Bishop Davies home showed herself and me the papers that was signed by a family member who is a doctor.... please help, she don't know what to do,,, I am trying to find her a lawyer... don't know who to cont

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If Adult Protective Services took your friend out of her home, they must have been concerned about her welfare.

Below I have attached the link to Legal Aid Service of Northwest Texas, based in Fort Worth Texas. They assist seniors and hopefully can be of assistance to your friend.

Good luck.



The law requires the court to appoint an attorney to represent her. She will have representation. You are a good neighbor and friend. But, the law has protections built in for people in this situation. But, you are free to appear at any hearing in court and to offer to testify.

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Marion W. Cain

Marion W. Cain


Protections of the law are textbook stuff. Real life may be different. Go to the hearing. Checkout the lawyer appointed to represent her. Be certain it is not just for show but is actually an attorney interested in details of her situation. Why is the doctor report by a relative -- seems like a red flag to me!!


Most people should be lucky enough to have neighbors like you to look after them. As stated, if there is a court hearing she will have legal representation.

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