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My mother passed last year. Exectrix is not protecting the rights of myself and two sisters. The assets are a home , car in FL

Lynn, MA |

The exectrix is pushing for a homesteaders on the property can that be done as the property is vacant and I believe she wishes to rent it out. Also I fear signing on asa benificiary does that make me Liable for my mothers debts, as my sister has taken the money market left and is insisting we pay her money up front before assets are sold. My understanding was she is to sell assets then distribute what is left after debts to benificiaries. I received a letter (non Certififed) from Executrix attorney that I can relinquish my interest in writting or they are proceeding with filing Homesteaders and probate naming us as beneficiaries. I have a couple days left. What happens if I dont sign? Can they do that without all of our consent.

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This is all too much to answer in this forum. Talk to an attorney.