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My mother passed away in 2000. Estate never went through probate. To sell the house, how do we expedite probate? Who pays?

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When my mother passed away, according to her will, she left her partner as the executor of her estate an the house was left to myself and the partner's daughter, with a life estate for the partner. The partner has since passed and I just found out the estate never went through probate! I live in Washington State and the daughter in Florida. I'm guessing a local attorney would be best? And who is responsible for the expense of now doing what should have been done 13 years ago with the $17,000 left for the executor to work with? Can you give any kind of estimate of costs?

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If the home was the only asset, even without probate, the creditors ability to intervene expired many years ago. The house passes outside of Probate. There are many fine probate attorneys in Melbourne that can help you with a Summary Administration and Determination of Homestead, which will be required to transfer title. Good luck. If everything is as you describe, it is a very simple procedure and should not cost more than a few hundred dollars.

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You did not say anything about the value of the house, but it should be a fairly straight forward probate.


Contact a few local attorneys. They will not give estimates in this forum. It shouldn't cost too much.

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Amy B Jackson

Amy B Jackson


Summary administration would take care of the transfer of the deed to the heirs. My law firm would generally charge just a flat fee for the service.


I agree-creditors rights have expired and this should be a summary probate with determination of homestead.
Many firms(including my firm) should quote you a flat fee for the legal work.

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I agree that the probate process itself should be relatively simple and inexpensive; however, there are other things to consider. Such as what you and the partner's daughter will do with the property now that you are co-owners. If you are both in agreement to sell the property, that's great (but often not the case). A consult with an attorney would be helpful to discuss all your options. Many attorneys here in Melbourne give free consultations for probate matters, my office included. With more facts, an attorney can give you an estimate for fees and how those fees can be paid.

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