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My mother married a man 20+ yrs her jr 2 months before she died, i wanted to file elder abuse undue influence

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I thought the judge would investigate but she said its a civil matter he was appointed admin with a 182,000 bond on 11/15 which still has not been produced
hes a duel citizen i believe everything is bieng taken to mexico....this is crazy by the time motion goes thru all can be lost any suggestions

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Both Attorney Tigerman and Attorney Weissler provide you with excellent advice. Unless your mother’s husband is stealing the assets, he cannot simply take them to Mexico. If he cannot or does not file a bond in the amount ordered, then he cannot continue as estate administrator. He will be unable to obtain Letters of Administration by which he can access the estate’s property.

A number of things may be possible. First, the judge in the Probate is correct. Elder abuse and undue influence are civil actions. However, if you can present evidence to the Probate Court of these activities on the part of your mother’s husband, then the Probate Court can and will remove him as the estate administrator. As the prior attorneys have advised you, you may need to file your own petition to administer the estate. If time is of the essence, then an ex parte motion could be the way to protect the estate.

You should consult with an estate and Probate attorney as soon as possible

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I am not sure how or why you believe that "everything is being taken to Mexico." If property is in your mother's name it cannot be probated in a Mexican court unless he is just sealing the assets, I suggest that you retain a lawyer and submit you own petition for administration of the estate - one of the grounds being that he has not posted the required bond.

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Because he's making trips there weekly #1 That motion is in process right now. My question was not clear I guess. It was way did the judge suggest civil court for undue influence I thought probate court was suppose to handle that


Bert is correct. If it matters to you, you will need to step up to the plate and contest this guy's actions in Court. It hurts, but it will cost you money out of pocket which you may or may not get back. You should also know that unless he is 'highly connected' in Mexico there is a treaty (the Inter-American Treaty on Letters Rogatory) which can be used to drag him to Court up here. Best wishes -- Joel S. Weissler

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