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My mother has temporary guardianship of my son. Can she legally keep my child from seeing me?

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I was depressed after my sons birth and lived with my parents until he was 4. My parents helped care for him. I moved next door but my child was so attached did not want to leave. He has medical issues and I didn't want the stress of moving him to make things worse, plus my financials were not good and they could provide a more stable home. I was working 2-3 jobs and school. I allowed temp guardianship cause she said she needed it for school and medical. I've been married almost 2 yrs and she's refuses my child to spend the night cause she personally does not like my husband who's given no reason to distrust. She threatens to take him to out of state. She tells him she loves him so much and would be scared if he stayed. He has expressed to her he wants to come over she says no.

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I'm sorry for your situation. I suggest you see a guardianship attorney in your area to see how you can get the "temporary" guardianship removed. Best of luck to you -

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Generally guardianship can be revoked at any time by the parent. Your mother could then file for custody, then proceeding to custody battle. I would suggest speaking to a local family law attorney and asking their advice. You can file a Motion to terminate guardianship in the family/district court.

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