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My mother got involved and sided against me with my husband that has been abusive. How can I get her to stay out of our divorce.

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My husband, very abusive during our 3yr marriage. Convinced my mom it was all my fault. Inever filed police reports. My mom was aware of his diagnosis Aspergers n bipolar1. She was also emotionally, physically abusive to me growing up. My therapist stated my mother is Narcissistic, as my husband. this is why I chose him. We filed for divorce. He moved in with her, tells her everything, sent her my txt-anytime I txt. she tells him not to pay bills. I have two kids. He now has his place. They sent all my all my txt/mails to my therapist w/intend to prove "I'm crazy,"my mother calling telling "wanting me to get help"I'm 45yrs old. This back fired. The therapist said they were very cruel n evil. She counseled my husband, said they both seemed mentally unstable. What can I do?

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Unless she is physically assaulting you, you cannot get a restraining order. You can block her from contacting you on your cell, Facebook, other social media and email by going onto your provider's website and blocking her. If she contacts you, tell her not to do so again or you will call police. (Unwanted contact can be the crime of harassment.)

Your divorce lawyer can handle the situation with the bills being paid - if he is court ordered to pay them then he can be held in contempt if he does not. Follow the advice of your divorce lawyer, continue with your therapist and perhaps ask to find a group with whom you can meet and share experiences so that you will be assured that it is not your fault in any way.



Hi, yes we did all that, and she also verbally attacked my oldest daughter of 13. I feel very confident it is not my fault now. Without my therapist during the last two months and her witnessing them sending the text/mails( which was a blessing in disguise;) years of abuse from my mother was endured w confusion but I'm very strong and secure. That only seem to fuel her. I am doing well emotionally most days. He is doing his best financially to ruin and control though. I'm trying to fight and not let him pull me down any longer. I had never been in abusive relationship. I began therapy as soon as I saw the signs with him and told him I was just having anxiety. Thank you for your time. God Bless

Lee Alan Thompson

Lee Alan Thompson


It's not our fault!


You really can't. You block all forms of contact with her but on the other hand, if the therapist is coming down on your side, may you should let her continue since she's killing his case. Turn everything over to your attorney. If you allow the texting, you don't have to respond. Turn everything over to your attorney.

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