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My moms SSI was denied, I am a minor what can I do?

Naples, FL |

My mom has mental illnesses and hasn't had a job in years. She applied to get SSI benefits but it was denied so she just requested they look over the case again. The thing is, because she has no job I suffer too. She cannot provide for me financially. What options do I have? I just turned 17

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Do you have any family members in the area? I would think that some local churches, food kitchen's, etc. might be able to help you with food. Good luck!

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You need an advocate. I am 4 hours from you, but I was also 'emancipated" when I was 17 because my mother was disabled. You have touched my heart. Call me on my cell at 727-488-8272 and we can talk.

Look forward to hearing from you.

This information is a general answer and is not specific to any particular case. Carin Manders Constantine, Esq. 727-456-0032/ 727-488-8272

Lee Alan Thompson

Lee Alan Thompson


Very kind of you


Do you have any other available family members?

You can always contact DCF.

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