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My Mom put my name on her house deed,survivor gets all in 1995.My siblings are suing me.

Coram, NY |

My Mom and me have been living together for 70 years.She is mentally sick so I became her guardian.I have given her and my father 150.00 a wek from 1955-2006,and took care of her when my Father died over 30 year ago.My siblings rarely gave any Help as they had their lives to live.About 2 months before she got sick she Gave me all of her house.No complaints from my Siblings in all this time,because they thought I would soon Die.When my doctor said I would last 20 more years,they then took me to Court and are now suing me.The Judge postponed the case and wants me to talk to them and give them half of it all for peace in the family.I said-NO-they are STRANGERS to me now and deserve nothing.The case will start in September.

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If the deed is in your name, you are under no obligation to provide for your siblings, especially if they waited this long to challenge your right to the house, as reflected in the deed. They will be hard pressed to prove any alleagtion that you 'coerced' or 'influenced' your mother'. However, the fact that you did become her (legal) guardian may be the only reason the court seeks to have you share the property. Nevertheless, it is their burden to prove same. If you have not done so, you may wish to have a will prepared, as I venture it is not your intent for your siblings to have any interest in your estate.

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