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My mom pass away 2 1/2 years and i think negligent on the doctor, is there anything i can do and how

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She went in for a Val replacement on the heart the surgery should of only be 4 hours at the most it enended up being like 7 hours. she eneded bleeding and passaway i think they made a mistake is there anything i can do about it can someone please help thank you

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You should contact a medical malpractice doctor in California, as you haven't provided nearly enough facts to make a determination on whether the doctor was negligent. Why did the surgery take 7 hours? What was the cause of death? What, if anything, did the doctor do wrong?
Another important point is that in California, all medical malpractice claims must be filed 3 years from the date of the injury OR 1 Year from the date the you discovered or reasonably ought to have learned of the injury, whichever comes first.

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Probably not since you knew something was wrong when she died more than a year ago.

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Statute appears to have run but you should consult an attorney to be certain you cannot make a claim.

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There may be a statute of limitations problem.



i have more on my mom passage. about my mom surgery on 08/18/10 ffirst my mom chart is incomplete, no where in the records are there nursing nootes or assessments once my mom lest surgery. Most hospitals have a specific protocol that indicates when and if a physician should be notified regarding the progress of the patient.also it clearly indicated the amount of blood that was transferred when it became apparent she was going in multi system failue i would of like to see what time the physician was notified and what orders were given.also the attending physician has written several cryptic notes reghing procedures used in graphing and in the complications, in the operative notes when my mom was transferred from surgery to critical care, ther is no mention of a nick or repair once the valve was in place and functioniong. i would consider this a critical error, cause it would not give the attending nurse any reason to be aware of any potential complications.also on the Dr operative report under description of proceduce there is notation of some bleeding encountered from the femoral vein which was controlled and fixed with prolune sutures , but he discuesses needing to place stures at P1,P2 the middle of P2 and P2 and P3 but no descriptive explanation was given as to why. my mom op reort inticatates she tolerated the procedure well and left the operating room in satisfactory condition. there is no indicate that my mom being returned to the operationg room after receiving very large volumes of blood transfusions with a properative dignosis of caediac tamonade. I have all my moms medical recoreds is there anyone who can help me please thank you wendy


This is a wrongful death case, and as such, must be brought within 1 year of the date of passing. Sorry for your loss.

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