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My mom has been accused of probation violation.

Gulfport, MS |

My mom being accused of probation violation and my mom says she never signed anything that said she was on probation or was told after she was released. Her lawyer of whom is the same lawyer who handled this case twenty years ago, says she must turn herself in because it has already been settled in open court and has no other option. It would appear that someone has royally screwed up here and my mom is trying to figure out what to do, because from what her lawyer is saying is that she really doesn't have any other options.

I must apologize for not pointing this out, this whole thing is taking place in Florida where this all begins. In 1989 or 1990 she was convicted of a misdemeanor for writing a bad check in Florida and doing the same in Arkansas. She served her three months and once finished, served in Arkansas and was released. There was no mention by her lawyer at that time or anyone else that she was on probation to begin with. She lives here in Mississippi and it was about five months ago that she received a letter in the mail that said that a warrant had been issued for her arrest. Her attorney told her that she needs to turn herself in and go from there, but her concern is that she could sit in jail for some time once a judge makes a decision. This case was 20 some years ago and she's already 63 years old. Something about his whole thing doesn't make sense.

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Since she is represented by counsel, no other attorneys can really give advice on this situation. that attorney is much more familiar with the case. If you wish to hire another attorney to review everything in detail, you can do that. This seems as if the underlying case was extremely serious as it was 20 years ago.



I have added some additional information.


Since your mother is represented she needs to communicate with her lawyer. As for a probation violation, that is very fact dependent. Mississippi is a state that does NOT appoint lawyers for probation violations.
If she does desire to seek new counsel be advised that this must be of a serious nature if this case is twenty years old and there is still a probation issue, unless this is a very old warrant



I added some additional information.

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