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My MOM has been a member of a per-paid legal plan and she is under a conservatorship and the COURT appointed P.V.P.

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Does Mom still have a right to her own LEGAL REPRESENTATION that isn't COUNTY CONTROLLED ?
The daughter was turned in for financial fraud and she's a COUNTY worker from DPHSS and the contempt that's been shown has only been directed toward Me her SON. The P.V.P. has pointed out that NO INVENTORY OR APPRAISAL was done at the start of the cases and the COUNTY Deputy has just acted on one persons behalf and that's the fraudulent one with no INVESTIGATION completed ? How can they keep the TRUST case separate all while knowing the Conservatee has DEMENTIA and the ESTATE is not BROKE ? in a CONSERVATORSHIP hearing?

This has been a two years of legal retribution and HELL for me and my Mother when the case started it was because I reported my sister the County Worker to A.P.S. for Financial Elder Abuse They circled the wagons around her and with the pull that my Niece an A.D.A in another county NO Proper Investigation was done at the start and NO Inventory and Appraisal. The County is over the Trust and the sister is the Conservator hiding the Money saying the Estate is Broke ?

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If your Mom is in a conservatorship it is because she is unable to handle her own affairs and a conservator has been appointed by the court to help her.

I do not understand what you mean about keep the trust case separate? Please clarify and resubmit your question providing more details about what you are asking.