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My mom broke her hand and the surgeon that did the operation crippled my mom her nuckles look like they are on backwards

Salt Lake City, UT |

is there anything that she can do. she had to move out of her home and be taken care of by my sister because of the damage the surgeon did on her. how long does she have to claim for this. how many years

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2 yrs in yours state with exceptions. Contact a lawyer today to investigate.


You've posted at least 3 times about your mother's situation. Use the "Find a Lawyer" tab here at Avvo to find a local medical malpractice attorney to speak with. These matters are complicated and your mother really needs to sit down with an experienced attorney with all her medical records.

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Not all bad outcomes represent medical negligence when it comes to orthopedic surgeries. There are many, many situations where the patient can be worse-off after the surgery than before. This is because of natural patient-to-patient variances in healing, infection, the development of scar tissue, pre-existing conditions that impair healing like diabetes, smoking, or peripheral vascular disease. Now, it is true that a careless doctor can cause a poor outcome. But the plaintiff bears the burden of proof in all things, including that their particular outcome was not just "a bad outcome" but one specifically caused by a surgical error. That can be a tough hurdle as your evidence is limited. All you'll really have is the word of the surgeon and his/her dictated operative report. It'll be tough to use the physician's own words against them.

the first step is to obtain the medical chart and share it with a local attorney that specializes in medical negligence. Be sure you find a law firm that has handled a lot of medical work before or you may find yourself in a mess.


The medical malpractice claim belongs the person who was the victim of the medical malpractice. In this case since your mother survived the surgery, the malpractice claim would be hers, not yours.
Medical malpractice is a highly specialized area of law and you should consult an experienced local medical malpractice attorney.
Medical malpractice cases are expensive to litigate and often result in a verdict in favor of the doctor. Unless your mom has a clear cut case of MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE, most malpractice attorneys would not accept your mom’s case.

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