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My medical insurance paid bills for an accident caused by someone else

Raleigh, NC |

I had sent my insurance company a form stating the insurane company that should pay the medical bills, howerver they paid them anyway. What should I do?

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In deciding how to proceed, you need to consider several factors, including but not limited to: How much did your health insurance pay? How much did the medical provider “adjust” or write off, as part of their contractual relationship with your health insurance company? Does your health insurance company have a right of subrogation to recover (from you) the monies they’ve paid to the medical provider on your behalf? If your company sent you a form as mentioned above, they are fishing for info and will likely want their money back. This will impact your negotiations with the auto insurance carrier. Do the medical bills include charges for diagnostic/radiographic testing? How much? What were the results? North Carolina law changed in October 2011, as it relates to the amount of medical bills the auto liability insurance company is obligated to pay as part of the resolution of the claim. It will be reduced to the amount paid by health insurance. Are there other insurances available, such as medpay?
I’d strongly recommend consulting with an experienced injury attorney in your area BEFORE speaking further with any insurance company. You may very well be able to handle the matter on your own, but I’d at least get a free consultation before traveling down this rocky road alone!

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As Owens stated, it would be best to speak with a lawyer in your state before speaking to your insurance company.

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I Agree with Mr. Owens that you should speak to an attorney before you doe anything. By the way, Mr. Owens has an office in the same town as you.

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