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My manager told 2 co - workers that i drunk texted him by mistake . I am a married woman woman of 10 years .

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He said he knew they were obviousvly meant for my boyfriend . Then he told them it he played along with it . My hubby is deployed to afghanastan right now . I was told this via text message by another co - worker that over heard the entire conversation . I have been harrassed and teased ever since . I have no memory of this conversation . Since i have confronted him he has cut my hours . He denied saying any of it , but i have proof from another co worker via text . The entire hospital thinks I'm having an affair now . Do i have a harrassment or defamation of character case ?

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Because its true its not defamation though it may be harassment. Damages would need to be present to bring a claim. If you have quantifiable damages to your reputation or finances than you may want to bring a claim but from what you did say it doesn't look like enough.

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There is no boyfriend ,or any conversation with with my boss . I save every text even from my old phone . I have reviewed them all from . This makes no sense ?? He will not be able to show these so called conversations .


Schedule an appointment with an employment lawyer. Bring along any proof that you have at the consultation. Be careful in the future what and who you text.

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Report the problem to HR dept, and discuss with a local employment lawyer.

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Please thank your husband for his service. If he is a Marine, Semper Fi, Brother!

The advice given by the other attorneys here is excellent. You might also consider re-posting your question in an area dealing with this sort of civil law matter, as this forum deals with DWI.

Shame on the idiot boss.

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Go to HR and file a complaint. Show them your proof. Hire am attorney that handles employment litigation.

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