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My manager says I need to check my punches myself but never showed assistant managers how to do it, so they could show others

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I'm asking on behalf of a friend. I myself have previously had 10+ years in retail and I've never had to 'check my punches' on the computer. The time clock doesn't always work and people come in at different times so management has to manually correct punches. So now, apparently, these employees have to go on "cronos' and internal computer program to look and approve those time punches, otherwise employees will not be paid. 1. Who is responsible for paying employees and 2. are employees responsible for management duties? Primarily my friend is afraid she won't get paid and/ or mess up on the computer.

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Your friend needs to keep track of her hours with pen and paper. Let payroll know about any mistakes on her pay check immediately. Supervisors are responsible for making sure the punches are recorded correctly.


The law requires the Employer to keep accurate records (though not necessarily in any particular form. An employee has no obligation to check their own punches, but, if they do not have some method of checking for accuracy it will be very difficult to prove they were not paid at a later date. Since this employer seems to have issues complying with Wage and Hour laws, it is probably a good idea to check whether the employees are getting uninterrupted 30 minute lunch breaks that are also mandated by law.

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She must be paid for the hours she works, so long as she can prove she worked those hours. But if the boss wants her to check her punches and make sure they are accurate then she had better do it.

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