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My M.I.P of tobacco.

Austin, TX |

On the 17th me and a friend went on a walk to go and talk about things that were going on at home. We went in to the woods and talked,walked around,splashed in the lake,ect. So then our school officer came up to us before school hours and started yelling "Why were you smoking?","Let me smell your hands!",and more things. I let him smell my hands my friend tried to run though. He smelt both of our hands and he then picked up two buds.,He swears they were ours. He walked us up to his office searched us as well as bags and jackets. He was very rude during all of this and I felt awkward with a male searching me. He wrote the ticket and called me moms boyfriend. What will happen during court? What will happen if I say not guilty/contest? Im so scared for my court date. Thank you!

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You need a lawyer representing you. Talk to your parents about hiring a lawyer.

Cynthia Henley


You will be entitled to have an attorney represent you. Do not visit (talk) with the judge, the prosecutor, law enforcement, or juvenile probation folks until you have told them that you want an attorney and that you are exercising your right to remain silent. Then do not talk to anyone except your attorney. Do not be afraid to plead not guilty. But talk to your lawyer first.

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do you think I will truely need a laser? Also if I plea no contest and they find me guilty what will happen to me? Thank you!

Bart Charles Craytor

Bart Charles Craytor


Pleading No Contest is pretty much the same as pleading guilty in the criminal system. The only benefits to a no contest plea are civil in nature. Yes I think you truly need a lawyer. You need someone familiar with the rules of the courts and to try and keep you from getting detained and/or sent off somewhere for treatment/rehabilitation that would disrupt your schooling etc.


I advise that you obtain a qualified Juvenile Criminal Defense attorney before you make any more public statements about the case. Contact your local Bar Association Referral Service for a list of attorneys who practice in that area of the law.

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