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My license was revoked in Colorado 5 years ago. I'm now a resident of virginia.

Richmond, VA |

I got my license for Virginia but Colorado has suspended my license due to no SR 22. License is still good in Virginia. CO DMV asked me to fill out the Out of State Residency Affadavit. Do I have to keep the SR 22 after they have the affadavit?

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Dear Richmond - it is likely that the Colorado/Virginia will catch up with your license status at some time. Whether you need to complete the Colorado affidavit depends on what is says. If you are a resident of Virginia, you live here and intend to remain for a period of time. Likewise, if you do not live in Colorado, I do not see why you have to comply with that states SR-22 laws of others. Perhaps having the affidavit looked at and getting some advice would be best - your decision. Good Luck.


This is a question that should be directed to CO DMV, not really Virginia attorneys.

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You should take care of the SR22 situation as soon as possible because there is a strong likelihood that Colorado DMV will forward the information to Virginia DMV. It is easier to take a proactive approach to resolve the problem than to be blindsided by the issue down the road.

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