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My license Is suspended in nj, can I still have car insurance?

Rahway, NJ |

I just found out that my license is I still can have car insurance for other people to drive me around??

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Let me make sure I understand your question: your driving license is suspended, but do you need insurance when others drive you to your appointments?

No, you don't need insurance to be a passenger in someone else's car. Yes, you do need insurance if you still own a car, whether you are a passenger or not.

The insurance is to cover the car (and other cars), not the driver. An option is to sell the car to a friend, but that person will need to get car insurance. But if you are no longer the owner, you don't need to pay for the insurance.

But for sure, do NOT drive any car until your license is reinstated. If you are stopped while driving on a suspended license, you will have even bigger problems.