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My license is suspended because of a drug charge is there any way to get a work license?

Mckeesport, PA |
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I'm sorry to report that there is not work license permitted for this violation.



is there anyway i can apeal the drug charge its been longer then the 90 days i had?


Mr. Keller is exactly correct. PA's OLL is not available for license suspensions resulting from convictions under the Drug Act. I also saw your comment to his response. You have 30 days after sentencing to file an appeal to the Pennsylvania Superior Court and one year to file a petition under the Post Conviction Relief Act. A PCRA petition is normally addressed to alleged constitutional deficiencies in the representation you received from your attorney. There have been a couple of recent United State Supreme Court decisions regarding the effectiveness of counsel when collateral consequences of a conviction like possible deportation are not made known to a defendant before his plea is entered. You would need to speak privately with an experienced criminal defense attorney who practices in Allegheny County to determine if there is anything that can be done at this point. Most here, myself included, offer free consultations. Take advantage of that to explore your potential options at this point. Unfortunately and OLL is not one of them. Good luck.


Once again, Mr. Jones and Keller are spot on. There is no "Bread and Butter" license for a suspenion in your case regardless of what someone's cousin's sister's brother in law said.

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