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My legal name is foreign, difficult to pronounce and write so I want to use a pseudonym when doing business. Is that legal?

Kannapolis, NC |

My business is headwear, but I want to sign emails and contact other businesses as this pseudonym. For example: Instead of Francisco Montenegro I would use Fred Warner. Could I sign Fred Warner on legal contracts for the business or would i have to disclose my legal name and sign using that? I'm just really confused.

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I don't think there would be a problem, as long as no fraud is intended.


You may want to consider legally changing your name. The process is actually not very complicated. Speak to a Family Law attorney in your area and get the process started.


First, changing your name legally is not very difficult and you should consider so as you will be known with other or nick names as tme passes. I would not recommend you to sign any legal documents using another name even if you are known so to some of your business contacts or friends because certain legal documents need to be notarized and the notary need to verify your identity by comparing your nam eon the documents to your picture ID. It may be allowable for certain informal communications and my position is sunshine is the best disinfectant. Why create a double personality and risk unnecessary legal action later on.