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My lawyer sent me a letter today saying that he was dropping me. Can I still have the at-fault driver's insurance pay my bills?

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Several months ago my wife was rear-ended and sustained some non-serious neck injuries. Her car had $3000 worth of damage. I hired a lawyer and they strung me along for several months and then sent a certified letter stating that they were dropping me! My wife only went to about 3 doctors/emergency visits, but the bills are in the thousands.
Who is responsible for the bills? My wife was not at fault and the lawyer said the at-fault driver was responsible, but now I have no representation and no one to turn to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Your former attorney is correct, the at fault insurer is responsible for paying all of your wife's medical bills that were caused by the collision.

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The first $10k of medical bills and lost wages would be paid by your insurance, even though you're not at fault. There may be a deductible or copay that you could recover from the at fault party, as well as any damages over the 10k threshold.

Whether the at fault party's insurance would pay depends on whether they have BI coverage. If not, you could possibly pursue a UM claim against your carrier. I would find out why your attorney dropped you and if they have already filed a lawsuit, and then go find another personal injury attorney to help you out.

Best of luck to you.


Consult another local personal injury attorney to obtain a second opinion regarding legal representation

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