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My lawyer is not meeting my needs and continually delays my file for my immigration. What can I do? I have communicated this.

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My brother hired an immigration lawyer back in August regarding the new rule to allow undocumented youth and children under 31 to apply for deferred action and work eligibility. Unfortunately, after submitting all necessary documents, the law office continues to delay submitting my brother file. It looks like the office is going through some changes and is severely understaffed. I have communicated to delay and my concerns with the lawyer and he promised for it to be completed today, 10/29/12. I am still on the phone trying to find out why nothing has been done. At this point my needs are not being met with this office, what can I do? There is nothing wrong with my brothers file.

My brother is distraught and unhappy with the services he is receiving. As an older brother who is paying for all of this, I want what is best for him and what he wants. At this moment he is not happy with this law office. We had an appointment on 10/18 @2pm to submit some documents and sign papers. After this, the file should be sent the next day to the uscis. We waited for over 5 hours in his office, we were seen around 630pm. He promised all corrections would be made and sent to my brother the next day (10/19) and he would sign and send them back. The latest the file would sent to the uscis would be monday 10/22. We received no word of anything on 10/22. After my brother called his on 10/22, they said they would call him back. On 10/23 i personally sent the lawyer an email regarding my concerns and disappointment. He apologized and said they would take care of it on 10/26/12, the latest 10/29/12.

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You have the right to take your file back. And ask for a refund.


You can "fire" your lawyer if he's not communicating with you and you aren't comfortable with him. Ask for your file back and find a new lawyer to help you. Good luck.

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And how does your brother feel about the way his case is being handled?


Much like finding the right doctor, sometimes it is helpful to get second opinions when meeting with immigration attorneys. Lawyer communication is a very important aspect of the lawyer/client relationship. When you meet with an attorney, you should set forth your expectations regarding communications and ask the attorney about his or her feelings on the same.


I agree with my colleagues.

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I agree, I would suggest finding a new attorney if there is a lack of communication. Get your file back. I would suggest you make sure to articulate to this lawyer why you are unhappy. Sometimes things can be fixed in an attorney client relationship.

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You need to contact the Florida Bar and voice your concerns


You have every right to take your file back and seek another attorney. If they haven't already done a substantial amount of work on your brother's case, he can ask for a refund of his fee. I would also have him voice his concerns with the state bar in which this attorney is licensed.


Call and request your file and a refund.

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