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My Lawyer incriminated me , with his own action. Am i entiteled to my money back ?

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I have filled the N-400 form. my lawyer that always changes his story , all of his answers is " I dont Know" . He has sent out my application with my driving rec. that has a speeding and a expired tag , but also 2 Failure to Apears wich were all payed off and in good shape . I was apprehencive about him sending this out and insisted not to. I Have a DUI , Simple Poss of Marijuana. Went to interview today , the Officer said " I see you have submitted some info that we did not require that has 2 failure to appears" also , he asked me if i realize that i was incriminating my self . Officer told me to send some Document before they make decesion. and mentioned that now i have 2 convics and 2 FTA

Should i go with the Bar Complaint ?

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A bar compliant is a matter of last resort. Contact the attorney by mail (certified) explain to him the problem. Make sure you log all calls and consider e-mail contact. Complete records will show the judge that you have been sincere and working hard to resolve your case. Many attorneys will be apprehensive to speak to you until you have discharged your attorney.

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