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My last reporting end date or the date of acceptance of resignation of my previous job,is the end date of my previous job?

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Hi, I am international student,doing MS in US.I reported to my previous till on 07/31/2012.Then went on sick leave as my study leave wasn't approved and joined my MS in US in 08/28/2012.On 02/17/2013 I sent my resignation to my previous company which was conditionally accepted with an effective date on 02/20/2013.Now I have an internship offer where I have to enter end date of previous job.Can I enter 07/31/2012 as my end date or 02/20/2013 will be the correct one.I fear to enter the latter date,02/20/2013, as I may face question, how is it possible for me to pursue MS when I am employed, because officially my resignation was accepted on 02/20/2013 which is later than my joining to MS which is 08/28/2012.Please advice which date is safe to enter for back ground verification for new job?

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I would put the earlier date, and explain truthfully, if asked, what happened, that your last reporting date was 7/31. You might ask the new company what they want you to put...Maybe call your new supervisor and ask?

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