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My landlords are about to redo my bathroom and we need to stay somewhere else. what fees are they responsible for paying?

Danielson, CT |

they are only willing to pay for the cheapest motel around and i was also concerned because i have 2 kids and wont have anywhere to cook food. what are my rights in this situation?

i was told they would possibly be responsible for either getting us a place that have some options for food/ cooking or extra money for food since im not going to be able to afford to eat out for 4 days til the work is done. can they just stick us in some crappy motel with no refrigerator and no way to cook other than a microwave? also we have bad black mold and im pretty sure thats why me and my kids have been constantly sick, ultimately leading to me losing my job 2 years ago

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You have lots, and LL is going to be paying for more than a cheap hotel. See a local LL tenant attorney immediately.

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Dear Danielson tenant:

I am an attorney licensed in New York. I do not practice law in Connecticut.

You should read about your rights as a tenant in Connecticut here:

And on Monday get in touch with a local attorney.

In a nutshell this is a summary of your rights to a habitable home in Connecticut:

"***The landlord must:
Comply with the requirements of chapter 368o and all applicable building and housing codes materially affecting health and safety of both the state or any political subdivision thereof make all repairs and do whatever is necessary to put and keep the premises in a fit and habitable condition
keep all common areas of the premises in a clean and safe condition maintain in good and safe working order and condition all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating and other facilities and appliances and elevators, supplied or required to be supplied by him provide and maintain appropriate receptacles for the removal of ashes, garbage, rubbish and other waste incidental to the occupancy of the dwelling unit and arrange for their removal supply running water and reasonable amounts of hot water at all times and reasonable heat except if the building which includes the dwelling unit is not required by law to be equipped for that purpose or if the dwelling unit is so constructed that heat or hot water is generated by an installation within the exclusive control of the tenant or supplied by a direct public utility connection comply with all municipal ordinances, building codes, or fire codes, that impose a stricter duty of care than the state statute,

Remedy for breach
If there is a material noncompliance by the landlord with section 47a-7 that materially affects health and safety, the tenant may deliver a written notice to the landlord specifying the acts and omissions constituting the breach. If the breach is not remedied within fifteen days after receipt of the notice, the rental agreement terminates. If substantially the same act or omission which constituted a prior noncompliance of which notice was given recurs within six months of the first act of noncompliance, the tenant may terminate the rental agreement upon at least fourteen days written notice specifying the date the breach complained of occurred and the date the tenant intends to terminate the rental agreement by vacating the premises, which date must be within thirty days of such breach.***"

[Excerpt is from:]

Good luck.

The answer provided to you is in the nature of general information. The general proposition being that you should try to avoid a bad outcome if you can.

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