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My landlord will not fix the problem causing black mold

Spanaway, WA |

I have black mold in my bedroom ceiling due to a leaky roof. The owner of the apartment replaced the roof, but says all I need to do is bleach my ceiling. The ceiling is soft, and there is obvious water damage beyond the drywall. Also, I have to spray bleach on one part of my bathroom wall because mushrooms sprouted from a crack... yes, I said mushrooms. I have been increasingly ill and firmly believe it is from this mold. What can I do?

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First, I would move. The remedy under the Residential Landlord Tenant Act (RCW 59.18) for an "untenantable" unit is to allow you to move before the lease expires. You may be entitled to some costs and/or attorneys fees for the landlord's failure to comply with the RLTA, but you cannot force the landlord to do anything, even if that is the right thing.

If you think you have a lasting health impact from the mold, you should consult an attorney to go over all the details and see if you have a case.

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