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My landlord will not act on any noise complaints.

Phoenix, AZ |

Our neighbor has been incredibly noisy with his bass for over 4 months and we've filed countless noise complaints over the phone. The last time put an eviction notice on our door telling us we can't pound on the wall anymore or we'll be evicted. My parents talked with her and she said I can give 1 months notice but I may be liable for repaying the 1 free month from the promotional deal. I can't afford to move AND pay for another month. She's supposed to make sure neighbors aren't noisy and we're being told to leave and pay more. What can I do? There's also many other issues ranging from the maintenance trespassing, water being shut off without notice in the morning, false eviction notices, and bedbugs. I want to move, but I cannot afford it and the noise is driving me insane!

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You can sue your landlord in small claims court for any damage you incur as a result of this nuisance (e.g. recovery of the 1 mo rent you may have to pay, moving expenses, etc.). Be sure and keep all evidence and get as much as possible in writing from your landlord about this problem.

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