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My landlord is selling and gave me my 60 day notice, if I find a place tomorrow do I have to give him a 30 day notice?

Redding, CA |

I have lived here for 17 months and he only gave me a telephone call saying I have to vacate in 60 days. He must not be aware he needs to give me written notice.

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Your are correct in understanding that your landlord needs to give you the 60 day notice in writing. If you need more time to find a place you can claim the notice is defective. His defective notice likely does not relieve you of your duty to give 30 days notice that you are going to vacate.

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Your landlord's verbal request is not a legal eviction notice. I would not assume that was a legal eviction notice and I recommend that you give your landlord 30 days written notice if you plan to move out.

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Christopher Daniel Leroi

Christopher Daniel Leroi


Great response by Ms. Larkin

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