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My landlord is invading my privacy and private life

Boston, MA |

if my landlord is invading my privacy including harassing my guests, sending other tenant to spy on me, watching my in and out and getting involve in my family life including obsession with my spouse what should I do?

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You should contact a lawyer immediately to go through your legal options with you given the specifics of each incident.

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You can either consult with a land/tenant attorney about your options (recommended) or send him a letter outlining the invasions of your privacy and demanding that he stop. You should consult with an attorney before starting any legal action as many times a person believes that his/her privacy was violated when the actions are not anything giving rise to a viable claim. Remember, a person can ask another any question they want.

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You should talk to a landlord/tenant lawyer as soon as possible.

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Have you tried talking to your landlord? Before seeking free advice from lawyers you might try talking.. like a responsible individual would.



I did talk and also send a letter too. That's why I am a responsible individual.