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My landlord is going into foreclosure and I was being evicted. What would be my next steps?

Miami, FL |

I follow both cases online and I checked to see the status. The eviction is on WRIT OF POSSESSION ISSUED DN01 TO SHERIF CHECK and that was on 10/10. I haven't received anything as of yet. The foreclosure was before the eviction and the status of that is ORDER OF DEFAULT DN01 DK01 DFLT on 8/15 the same day they filed to evict and asking for and insane amount of money. I need to know what my next steps should be and what does all of this mean.

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It's to difficult to decipher here. I strongly recommend seeing an attorney as soon as possible. Many attorneys would give a consult to you for such matter in or around the $200 range and perhaps prepare some documents for you during the hour to hour and one-half consult.

The law is complicated and although the facts expressed may seem to be all that is relevant, there may be many other important facts to consider. Also, the law is constantly undergoing change, so what may be correct today, may not be accurate tomorrow. Only a full consultation with an attorney experienced or knowledgeable in the specific legal subject matter is likely to result in the optimal course of action. My practice has entailed more than a 30 year span of many real estate issues. Find out more about me at:

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