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My landlord is evicting me for OMI.

San Francisco, CA |

1 Me and my husband have lived at the address for 16 years
2 My husband is over 60,.. 63 to be exact.
The building was built in the 1920's
3 The building is single family with a unit it the basement with a family member of the owner who lives there. I was wondering does this make it a 2 unit building,and than would we protected status
we have PG &E bills/water with the family members name on it
neighbors statements that their is someone residing in the basement of the address.
Is there anything we can do to win this OMI ..we have our court date next week

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Attorney answers 1


You may well have defenses, but there is not enough information provided.
However, you need a tenants' lawyer IMMEDIATELY. You are looking at being evicted, having the eviction show up on your credit report, and paying for a new home, several times the rent that you are now paying.

This is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship. The information provided is a general statement of the law. Reviewing a case and giving legal advice to a client requires more information than can be exchanged in this format. If you need legal advice, contact an experienced tenants' attorney.

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