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My landlord is a convicted sex offender.

Jacksonville Beach, FL |

I did a background check on my landlord once I moved in and the guy is a convicted sex offender; I became suspicious because they (he and his live in girlriend) ask me not to tell anyone they now owned the house next door and were renting their old home (that I'm now renting) because all of the financial detalis were not finalized. Now I know why! And he was receiving mail at the address I'm now living in for 5 months - both our names are on the same address?

It turns out that he was working with the courts to have his status updated with the local authorities, thus no lease! After checking a few months later the address had changed to his new one next door. This is disconcerting to say the least. Can I legally report him to the authorities? What if my family with children visit?

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If he is a sex offender, than more likely than not he must register with the local sheriff and keep them up to date of any address changes. You can check his status with the sheriff and if he's not up to date they may arrest him. Beyond that, you're always free to find a new place to live.


If you don't have a lease then you're free to move.


Sex offenders have bills to pay too. Mr. Mosca is correct -if it bothers you (which is understandable) then just move.


Those guys are right on. Also, if family with kids visit, your landlord is not breaking the law being next door, unless he is on probation and his probation calls for him to be a certain distance from kids. I would certainly tell the family about the neighbor, though, before they visit!
As far as him living next door and having your address goes, that could have been a technical violation of the registration statute, if he had moved and not updated. Will they arrest and prosecute it if you report it? Unkonwn. Depends how zealous they are. Cops and prosecutors love to beat up on sex offenders. It's a very popular thing to do. However, that would be such a ticky tack violation of the law and it sounds like he has already corrected it... so it would seem to be a silly prosecution.
I guess the big question is, how much do you hate your landlord? If he just creeps you out you should just move and move on with your life.

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