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My landlord has neglected to repair water damaged walls and ceilings in my N.J. apt.

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My landlord has neglected to repair water damaged walls and ceilings in my N.J. apt. I made her aware by letter and 5 months later she still has made no repairs. I now have symptoms of mold infection and I truly believe that this is playing a role in bringing back the cancerous tumor to my left eyelid that I had surgery on a few months prior to moving in. I pay $695/month for rent I have only held back $70 for each month that went by for with no repairs. There is no eviction order. I believe she is waiting until my lease is up to make repairs. What, if anything can I do?

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Honestly, you need to hire an attorney. If you believe that you are becoming ill, I suggest that you make an appointment with you doctor and ask for tests to be conducted.

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This is a very complicated matter if it turns out you are having serious health issues as a result of the landlord's alleged negligence. I would begin by seeing a doctor and asking him if mold in the house would cause your cancerous tumor to resurface. If he believes so then you may have a major claim on your hands. Again lots of speculation here. You would also need to show that there was actual notice. I would always serve these notices by certified mail just for future reference.

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Answer: I highly recommend that you take pictures of the water damaged areas and any areas where there is visible mold, make sure that all notices to the landlord are in writting and were sent by both certified mail, return receipt requested a well as regular mail. Then I would recommend that you hire a mold detection/remediation company who will come in and test your apartment. This is to build a record and to let you know what if anything is in your apartment. Lastly (in terms of this letter but something you should be doing all along) you need to make sure that you are receiving the proper medical care and that you bring the potential mold exposure to your doctor's attention. There will need to be a medically linked connetion between your exposure and your condition(s) to make a viable personal injury claim. Your Landlord/Tenant claim is clear but is in all honesty, the smaller issue. Again, if this seems like alot to handle, contact, consult with and retain an experienced attorney who can represent you in the Landlord/Tenant matter as well as the potential personal injury matter.

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