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My landlord gave me a 24 hour notice to enter my premises for inspection via text message.

Tyrone, PA |

I live in Pennsylvania. My landlord gave me a 24 hour notice to inspect my house via text message. In my lease it state he has to give me 24 hour notice, but doesn't state how the notice should be given. Is this legal? Can you give me sources to show me whether it is legal or not?

Also, I got a certified letter in the mail today, I wasn't home so I was unable to get it. Not sure if this could be the written notice or not, but I can't pick it up until tomorrow at 9am, as stated on the notice.

Please help quickly if possible. Thank you

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A landlord has the right to inspect the property with "reasonable" notice. Nothing in the Landlord Tenant Act specifies what form of notice is reasonable - it depends on the surrounding circumstances. Also, your lease doesn't specify how to give notice.

Any method that is likely to reach you would be considered reasonable. If you regularly use text messages to communicate with your Landlord, or other persons, that would probably be considered a reasonable method.