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My L2 visa is ending in 2months. Can I get a J1trainee to work in a US firm?Would my husband get a J2 that allows him to work?

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I am a French manager with 8 years experience in France.
We came with my husband last january 2012 for his rotation position in the USA. He got a L1 visa, I got a L2.
I have been teaching french for 3 months in the USA. I've just had a job offer l in a US start-up.
As my L2 VISA is ending end of August 2013, can I apply for a J1? Would my husband get a J2 VISA that allows him to work then?
NB: my husband company wants him to come back to France for the end of the rotation so we can't ask them to sponsor us for a green card or anything else

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A J-2 can apply for a work permit form USCIS.


I do LOTS of French teacher J-1 visa ... not all that easy.

Make sure that the school you are talking to has an immigration lawyer.

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