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My L1B Visa is going to expire in July, can I reapply for the L1B in Canada.

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My current L1B Visa was awarded to me in India which is where I held my job before my company transfered me to USA. My visa is about to expire and my company wants to reapply instead of apply for extension as they believe reapplying is safer. I wanted to check if I could reapply for the L1B Visa by visiting US Consulate in Canada instead of India? If yes are there any risks in doing so.

Is it really true that extensions are more prone to rejection as compared to reapplication?

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If you were interviewed for L-1B visa before and it was granted, U.S. Consulate may entertain your application. If they reject it, you have to travel to home country.

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I think because of the distance you should be okay going to consulate in Canada but I have never heard that reapplying is easier than applying for an extension. In my opinion the only time applying is easy is when it's a start-up new business. Regardless if whether its an extension or a new application the same facts and financial ability must be demonstrated.