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My L1 visa got extended but my wife's L2 is about to expire. i filed an application for that . is her stay legal in US

Sunnyvale, CA |

I am on L1 visa .i have a wife. and she is on L2 visa . my L1 was to expire insept 2009. for which my employer told me that i need to travel to india. My L1 visa got extended and for that i had to travel to india. My employer told me that my wife need not travel and her extension can happen on basis of my L1 extension and Based on my extended I94, my employer has filed her extension documents on 28th of Aug . but her I 94 is expiring on the 6th of september.

Is her stay legal in US ?

will it cause any problems , if in future we wish to apply for green card

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As long as her L-2 extension of status application was properly prepared and was received by the USCIS prior to the expiration date of her current L-2 visa status, then she can lawfully remain in the United States while the USCIS processes her application. The USCIS filing receipt that she will receive will list the date that the USCIS received her application.