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My L1 B visa extension is rejected on 26 deccember 2012 but i got the info on 3 jan 2013, so how many days i have to go back

Cary, NC |

Am i able to apply the new visa(H1,L1) from india or i need to wait for some period

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There is no grace period after status ends. Once your status ends you are supposed to depart the US. You indicate your application was rejected. Was it submitted while you were still in status? and did you have continue to have status?

As long as you have not been out of status for more than six months you will not have a bar on returning to the US based solely on being out of status. Assuming you have no other issues you may apply for H-1B and return to the US if granted.

Since there several facts that are missing from you question, you should consult with an immigration attorney as soon as possible to protect your interests.


You have zero days 'grace' to go back.

Yes, you can re-apply from India.

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