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My juvenile record has been sealed in ohio. I now live in texas, can I get my concealed carry permit.

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I am now 21 years old I recently had a hearing and successfully got my juvenile record sealed. I have bought 3 firearms legally in texas, and I am now going to attempt to get my concealed carry permit. Will my sealed record come back on the FBI background check for concealed carry?

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Yes. The government can always see sealed records. Whether or not you can get a CHL in Texas will depend on what the offense was and how long ago it was.

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Sealing your records seals them from the public, but government agencies can still see them. As to whether or not you will be able to get a CHL, it depends on how DPS evaluates your CHL application. Be honest and forthcoming on your CHL application.

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I'm confused, my juvenile record has never been viewable by the public. I have passed many background checks for jobs etc. I have never been required to disclose any information about my juvenile record which was a felony and 2 misdemeanors. And on the paper from the courts it specifically says if EVER asked about any arrests or convictions you can lawfully answer no. Again this is in Ohio, is it different than in Texas?

Cesar Garcia

Cesar Garcia


Sealing your records seals them from the public viewing them, but government agencices can still see them. I'm not sure what the differences between Ohio law and Texas law concerning sealing of records are, but as a general rule; sealing of records seals them from the public but not the government.

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