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My insurance company want to give a statement under oath for my renters insurance claim, what should i do?

Kalamazoo, MI |

They have already requested my financial history from 5/1/13 to-1-14 and I have submitted that info to them as well

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It is normal for the investigation to include your information about what happened. It is part of what your "cooperation" clause in your policy requires. Read your policy for your exact language.


You must cooperate with them under the policy. There purpose in all of this to determine if you caused/allowed the loss in the first place. They will dig deeply in order to avoid paying you.

Robert A. Piraino

Robert A. Piraino


Virtually every casualty policy requires a "sworn statement in proof of loss" to be filed within 30 days of the loss coverage is sought for. Make sure not to let the 30 days pass without filing the sworn statement in proof of loss since missing this deadline is a breach of your insurance contract that can be used to deny coverage. In short, if you have nothing to hide, then cooperate fully in order to keep your contractual right to be paid the amount of your loss.


Both my colleagues have responded with good counsel. I only add that you should retain counsel to go with you to the exam under oath, to be as friendly and cooperative as possible. Good luck.

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