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My Insurance co is making me do a recorded statement w/SIU but has hired outside cousel to be there?

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My insurance co came in after a fire and and tried to make a case against me never to find the truth even though 4 days before the fire department acted fine!After sending the state insurance and my insurance co proof that my rights, laws and contract had been broken after I made a claim for a electrical fire. The Insurance co called my public adjuster and asked me to come in to do a recorded statement w/the special investigations unit but they canceled till a later date and I just got an email from my insurance co. that my file has been referred to outside cousel and they would be in contact with me. They still have not set up a new date for the recorded statement but my public adjuster believes the outside cousel will be there as well! Why are they bringing in outside cousel?

the day of the fire the fire department said it was a simple electrical fire with no human involvement and handed the house back over to me that afternoon! 4 days later when the insurance fire investigator came there he was never there to figure out the truth just to make a case against me and deny me, I have proof backing up many things that were done wrong to me. they told me that if i didnt do this statement I would be denied

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As part of your insurance contract, you are likely required to submit to an examination under oath. You are not required to give a recorded statement. Many insurance companies will use an actual attorney to perform the examination under oath. The questions asked by insurance companies in examinations under oath are very intrusive. The company will be looking into your finances, your claims history, all for the purpose of determining, in their mind, if there is a reason for you to have involvement in the fire. I STRONGLY suggest that you bring an attorney with you to the examination under oath. The questions are intrusive and you will feel like a criminal, even if you did nothing wrong. The attorney's presence will give you confidence when the outside counsel starts trying to bully you into answering questions that make you feel uncomfortable. It will also threaten to deny your claim if you do not provide all sorts of materials that you have no real obligation to provide, or if you refuse to answer a question that you deem irrelevant. While everything may go fine, once outside counsel gets involved, it is usually looking for a reason to deny your claim. Don't let them do that to you.


They are brining in outside counsel because they suspect fraud. You should retain an attorney experienced in first-party claims to attend the examination under oath (EUO) with you and to further deal with the insurance co. and its attorney.