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My income is my SSDI check. Just received a back-payment from SSDI. Will I lose HUD/Section8, food stamps, help?

Santa Barbara, CA |

How to avoid losing all the low-income programs I've survived on for the past 30 years or so. Just received a check covering about 1/3 of what SSDI owes me for difference between SSI and SSDI calculated a few years ago, after filing several times over last 5-10 years. Need to safeguard not only this check's amount, but the amount the gov't still owes me (that I'll probably have to have an att'y in order to collect). Anxious not to lose all the programs I depend on. Hide this money? Claim it? Ignore it? Spend it down? A wrong move could have me homeless and worse.

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I would strongly advise you to speak with your State caseworker that handles your assistance programs. You should definitely not hide anything but you need to discuss the matter with your caseworker to determine what options you may have.


Depending on the amount, you may. But as Mr. Lupiselli tells you, don't hide anything or you'll be in big time problems.