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My immigration story!!! Seeking any advice, out of money and desperatly need my wife.

Silverton, OR |

I am a US citizen and have been with my spouse for 10yrs, We have 3 children together all US citizens. My wife has no status but has been in the country for 20 years. She got into some trouble with a drug charge ( pos meth) in 2005 but has been clean and sober for years. In 2008 she was arrested and put into deportation proceedings on the drug conviction, i hired an attorney who lied to me the entire time and did nothing, he never filed for post conviction relief like he told us he would. appeal has been denied to BIA and we received notice to deliver "alien" last week where she was taken into custody... i hired another lawyer who was was able to get a stay of removal pending a decision to reopen her case due to ineffective counsel we were granted the stay but wife is still

my wife is still detained, but is losing hope and does not want to fight anymore. I am so scared for her to return to mexico. is there anything that i can do?? we were never given a fair trial due to her first lawyer not filing for post conviction relief, the other attorney will not answer my calls or emails. I am so lost and desperatly trying to save her, I am severly depressed and have nightmares daily!!! someone please help me.

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I'm sorry to hear about your situation with your wife and your bad experiences in the past with attorneys. Your wife's situation is one that is very complex and no one on Avvo will be able to give you an easy solution for it.

It sounds like you now have a better attorney than you had before. My recommendation would be to work closely with them to see what can be done on your wife's behalf. You've taken the first step by getting a stay of removal and reopening the case. However, it is really your attorney you need to be speaking to about this situation not Avvo. Not to mention you probably don't want to post confidential stuff about your wife's case on the internet for everyone to see.

You also may want to consider getting counseling for yourself and your children. These are stressful ordeals and perhaps that would help your family cope with the stress of the situation.

Good luck!


Follow your lawyer's advice. It sounds like finally you have secured competent legal representation. While this could be a difficult case, it's not impossible to solve. Good luck.


Did you see the length of your fact pattern? What is the assistance that you expect an attorney on this forum can provide? You need to hire an attorney to handle your case, not give you some ideas on how to handle it.

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Call the Oregon State Bar. I suspect that the lawyer that 'never did anything' has been recently disbarred and the PLF may help to pay for a 'good' lawyer to assist you.

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