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My I-130 apporval

Miami, FL |

USCIS received my case October 09, 2012. they sent me my receipt in the mail. I am still waiting on the approval of my case. Do you have any ideal how much longer till I get approved.

I am a u.s. citizen, I am petitioning for my husband which is from Nigeria. He is not in the u.s. at the time.

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You can check on USCIS website for average processing times of various forms including I -130


There are many bits of information missing from your question. Who petitioned for you, how did you come into the country, etc.? Contact an immigration attorney.


The short answer is, the length of time cannot be determined. The longer answer is, depending on whether the petitioner is a US Citizen or Permanent Resident, and depending on whether the petitioner is filing for his/her spouse, parent, adult married son/daughter, adult unmarried daughter, unmarried child under age 21, or sibling, the length of time for a USCIS decision could be as short as 2 months, or as long as years. But USCIS might also have reasons for the delay, such as background checks, investigations, etc.

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