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My husbands family hates me and doesnt want me to be apart of their family, can i change my name back and stay married?

Arkansas |

They dont want me in their family and wont even talk to me, they just talk about me behind my back and to my husband. I dont want to get divorced, but i dont want to keep their name when im not even accepted and didnt care to change it in the first place.

They continue to post stuff (remarks) about me on the internet for EVERYBODY to see and continue to talk crap about me, i havent said anything until now which i have right to seeing as they are nuts by talking about me and my life in the first place... My husband doesnt care he doesnt say anything he just lets them or sends a text now and then asking them to stop but yet if i voice my opinion around the house i get in trouble!! How much of this am i suppose to take, honestly? I cant stress how much this whole deal is upsetting me...

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You can certainly change your name, but to be honest it sounds like you have quite a few issues that need to be worked out and may want to consider whether your husband would be willing to attend marital counseling with you.


In most states a married women can have any name she likes. A Court should have no trouble changing you name as long it is not for fraudulent purposes I don't think a name change will fix your family problem.

See a local domestic lawyer.


A name change is a legal process available to all persons over the age of 18. In adoption cases children are afforded this opportunity as well. A name change alone does not create or sever a relationship. You were well within your rights to have never changed your name at all if you so chose and thus may restore your maiden name without dissolving the marriage. A marriage can only be done in a Court of Law which would be a separate proceeding all together.

I appreciate that this is a very diificult time, but perhaps a name change is not enough to make you whole. If your husband won't stand up with you and for you against people that are hurting you. A name change may not yield the desired outcome ( A supportive husband and a torment free marriage).

I hope that I have been of some help. Please take care