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My husband was deported in 2008 what can i do to bring him back?

Dallas, TX |

They told him he couldnt come back to the U.S and we just believed that was true but he doesnt have any legal document that says that. After so long im just tired of having to live in Mexico, were maried and im an American citizen we have a 3 year old son and expectin a baby soon, doesnt that help in any way for him to be able to come back legaly?

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You do not explain the circumstances if his deportation and what efforts were made on his behalf at the deportation hearing.
It would advisable to contact an immigration lawyer to discuss these and explore the options available for him.



My colleague is correct in her comments. You need to collect all of his immigration file and court records and provide them to an experienced immigration attorney for a legal opinion as to what relief, if any, is available to him under current immigration law. Good luck.

Legal disclaimer: The statement above is provided by CC Abbott is based on general assistance and not intended to be a legal opinion because not all the facts are provided. The person requesting information and all others reading the answer should retain an attorney who is permitted by the state bar within the jurisdiction who can examine the complete facts and provide a legal opinion on your case. All information provided in the above answer and other information provided by CC Abbott does not create an attorney/client relationship within any state of Federal law.


An immigration attorney should review the facts of the removal case, family connections, immigration and consular waiver options (if any). An attorney might also consider a motion to re-open removal proceedings and the possibility of parole back to the U.SD. depending on ICE's position... There is no way to answer your question without a lot of time spent studying these facts you have described.


If deported, then your husband would have been subject to an order. Please have the order reviewed by an attorney to determine if there are chances to overcome that by filing waivers on your behalf. Could he have been given voluntary departure, perhaps? Please go over the circumstance and the reasons for the deportation/removal/departure to see if they can be overcome.
Good Luck!